Where Will you be Going, Where Have You Been?

 Where Are You Going, Wherever Have You Been? Essay

A typical Theft of Innocence

Growing up every person in the world loses the purity these people were once born with and the moment when ever one knows that not every thing in the world is definitely the way was thought to be, the world crumbles in to pieces, nevertheless how does it happen? Joyce Carol Oates portrays a fantastic detailed moment of robbery of chastity, or at least precisely what is left of computer, in " Where Will you be Going, In which have You Been? " With emblematic imagery, key bibliomancy, and extreme personal conflict Oates easily handles to obtain her point across of the complete loss of purity.

A consistent image that is brought to the reader's innovative thoughts can be colors. The " collapsible jalopy painted gold” (Lit 326) the moment Connie was with Eddie, the " open jalopy, painted a bright rare metal that found the sunlight opaquely” (Lit 327) when Arnold Friend was barely being released on the, and " the bright green blouse” (Lit 331) that Connie was using on that Sunday morning hours are significant details that Oates supposed to emphasize. Platinum generally means success, succeed, abundance, and achievement what Arnold Friend's car represents. The car " was painted so glowing it almost harm [Connie's] eyes to look at it” (Lit 328), later on at the end of the tale the audience discovers that Friend was good in taking what was left of purity in Connie. Friend triumphed over every thing, every argument, every hesitation, and nothing got in the way of him being triumphant over Connie. Oates in that case mentions the bright green blouse the girl was putting on in the end, that " was all wet” (Lit 331). " Green traditionally implies fertility and youthful chasteness, but as time progresses during Arnold s i9000 visit, Connie s jumper becomes darkened with perspiration. Arnold's impact evokes a change in Connie and she begins to drop her ignorance of the bad that is within society” (Essay Mania). Someone can plainly imagine the way Connie seemed in her wet green blouse; terrified to loss of life it symbolized that the girl knew at this point her dreams were every...

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