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Are the actions of people in the workplace a consequence of individual or efficiency characteristics? What would encourage ethical conduct at work?


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For the purpose of this research, we will look on the factors which will influence a person to engage in unethical conduct, which is understood to be any company member action that violates widely acknowledged societal and moral norms (Rest, 1986). It may be useful to note that underhanded behaviour would not equate to office deviance or counterproductive function behaviour (violating organizational norms) These elements can be split into three categories, individual features (cognitive ethical development, locus of control, Machiavellianism, moral philosophy, demographics), moral issue characteristics including moral depth (T. M. Jones, 1991), and organizational environment qualities (ethical climate, ethical tradition, codes of conduct). Personal Characteristics

Cognitive meaningful development

The theory of cognitive moral development (CMD) states that we now have different levels of reasoning that a person may well apply to honest issues. The person at level one is concerned with their self-interest and exterior rewards and punishments. At level two, the individual truly does what others expect of these. The individual at level 3 possesses more autonomous decision-making skills depending on principles of rights and justice rather than external affects (Kolberg, 1969). According to empirical research by Kolberg, most people function at level two pondering. This is maintained Trevino and Nelson (2007), who declare most individuals are generally not autonomous and do not constantly comply with an internal moral compass with regards to decision making. A report by Weber (1990) also placed many business managers at level two. Snooze (1986), who have proposed the 4-stage honest decision making method, places vast importance on CMD...

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