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Project proposal for Arizona Instruments Innovation Challenge India Design Contest 2015

Task Domain –Assistive Technologies

E-Trolley intended for Shopping Malls

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Shopping inside the real world is becoming an increasingly fun experience as stores integrate various products to support consumers. Purchasing and shopping by big department stores is becoming daily activity in numerous cities. These types of outlets catch the attention of huge packed areas on holidays and saturdays and sundays. People obtain different products and put these people in cart. After completing the order, one needs to go to billing countertop for obligations. This project proposes a design of clever shopping trolley, being designed to assist a person in everyday buying in terms of lowered time put in while purchasing. MSP430 is main heart of wise trolley which will communicates to server to find the product details by determining the product employing RFID if the item is definitely kept in trolley. Customer will come to learn the total things in the trolley and volume with the latest items kept in the e-trolley which will help the customers in purchasing the product in his/her required finances.

Keywords—MSP430; RFID;

Marketplace Analysis

As per our survey in our town, people shop on a daily basis at shopping malls just like Megamart, More, Easyday, BigBazar and many other industrial outlets and the rate has been gradually increased everyday. As a result the supervision team with the stores think it is chaotic and time-consuming to manage the influx and outflow of the clients due to the sluggish manual invoicing system. This is exactly why nowadays e-trolleys are in great requirement for efficient buying and the best possible usage of period. With the implementation of such a strategy, billing period will be significantly reduced since the invoicing amount can already be exhibited to the customers by e-trolley with the number of products shopped. Job Description

At this time trolleys which are used in shopping malls can carry one of the items nevertheless smart trolley with Neo reader will likely account to minimize billing time. Not only the billing system, the customer are now able to examine the whole cost of products and quantity of items which will be in his or her trolley, and so depending on his or her requirement or perhaps budget he/she may prevent shopping. Proposed Solution

The detailed block diagram in the proposed job is demonstrated in the previously mentioned figure 1 ) 1 . The proposed job consists of the RFID audience, microcontroller (MSP430), RF component, Server and Billing counter. Initially every material inside the shopping mall provides RFID indicate, that is used to distinguish the product. clever trolley provides microcontroller (MSP- EXP430FG461) used to read the RFID card throughout the reader which is interfaced with it. Plus it connects the server to have the product fine detail through RF to be viewed on the FLATSCREEN interfaced to MSP430. this updates on its own with set of other items placed in the trolley.

Figure 1 . 1

Computer software component

IAR inserted work table

Task Execution Plan

Oct – Nov 1st week

November 2nd week to 4th week

December 1st week to

4th week

December 4th week to Jan 2nd week

By 2nd week to fourth week

Books survey


Depth understanding of elements

Sample Applications in IAR for MSP430

Simulation outcomes...

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