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My personal sincere thanks to (Henna punjabi Ma'am), on her behalf adroit guidance on every stage of my research work, effective prose, tolerance and tireless energy containing contributed immensely to improve my personal theoretical structure and interpretation of data. With due esteem I would like to thank (Dr. Suja Samuel P. H. D) whom granted myself the authorization to conduct the survey.

I would personally be faltering in my responsibility if I usually do not convey my appreciation and thanks to (Blackberry ) who have helped me selflessly.

We am genuinely grateful for all (Friends and Everyone) whom spared their particular precious time away of their small schedule to get responding the tests / questionnaire and sharing all their personal opinions with me. Discussion with all of them was a good learning knowledge.

This kind of research work owes its living to all all those who have helped or perhaps in some way linked to it.

Also, I would really prefer to say thanks to (Dr. Suja Samuel P. H. M Co-ordinator), (Smt. K. G. Mittal college) for encouraging us frequently.

Day: 28/01/2013(Student's name) Bilal Ansari 3

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" Blacberry Market research have been done by the students of T. G. Mittal College who pursued Bachelor of mass media. In this book it has been written everything from the survey which will we had executed through customer survey. Basically precisely what is the current status of " Blackberry” in market. Are they addicted to cell phone or certainly not. At the end of our survey we have our appropriate conclusion. I would really prefer to say thanks to my teacher, Co-ordinator, Friends, Family, Participants, and team members for the support and encouragement to complete my own Survey.


We all the students of Smt. T. G. Mittal College chasing BMM (Bachelors of Mass Media) Second Year have been given a Mass Media Research project by the professor Henna punjabi about subject MMR.

We now have done the research in " Blackberry” We are very thankful to our professor Henna Punjabi while she gave us a way to research, get, interact with many locals and ask all of them different questions regarding Blackberry smart phones.

Secondary Data

BlackBerry is a brand of cellular handheld equipment and solutions developed by the Canadian telecoms company Research In Action (RIM). The first BlackBerry device, an email pager, was released in 1999; the 100 millionth BlackBerry mobile phone was shipped in 06 quarter of 2010 and the 200 millionth smartphone was shipped in September quarter of 2012. Most BlackBerry devices happen to be primarily known for their ability to send and get push email and fast messages while maintaining a high level of security through on-device meaning encryption. They are also designed to function as personal digital assistants, lightweight media players, internet web browsers, gaming gadgets, cameras and more. BlackBerry gadgets support a large variety of instant messaging features, while using most well-known being the proprietary Cell phone Messenger services. The Blackberry mobile phones PlayBook is a tablet pc offered by CASING. BlackBerry makes up 3% of mobile unit sales throughout the world in 2011, making its maker RIM the sixth the majority of popular gadget maker (25% of portable device sales are smartphones). The consumer BlackBerry Internet Service comes in 91 countries worldwide in over five-hundred mobile services...

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