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п»їLesson Plan

My spouse and i. Objectives

a. Pupils can define noun; listen and predict the story and become by speaking proficient that may contribute to a pupil's capacity to resolve social conflict nonviolently. b. Learners will recognize nouns; create sentences and storytelling when developing their very own imagination that may empower pupils to consider new and inventive suggestions. c. Learners will separate common nouns from appropriate nouns even though listening to the story pupils can differentiate good and bad values then simply construct personal values simply by imagining circumstances in which the result of both equally wise and unwise activities and decisions can be seen.

II. Subject Matter

a. Topic: Adjective

b. Guide: Better The english language

c. Educational Materials: Pictures, Cartolina

3. Lesson Appropriate

a. Pre-listening

1 ) Teacher will certainly post pictures for students to foresee

2 . Tutor will vocabulary words pertaining to better understanding to the tale b. Although Listening

1 ) Teacher will certainly discuss about nouns as well as the kinds of subjective

2 . Instructor will then read a story for the pupils while the pupils are listening and listing each of the proper noun and common they will hear in the account c. Post-listening

1 . Educator will then inquire the pupils what they have learned about the storyplot. 2 . Teacher will then ask pupils to create sentences from the nouns they may have listed

IV. Value Incorporation

1 . The story talks about credibility and greediness. By this, learners will be able to discover more nouns by hearing the story as well as value to be honest to yourself, to the people around you also to God.

Sixth is v. Assignment

Help to make a short section telling about who you are. Then underline the proper adjective and encircle the common nouns.

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