Learning to be a Nurse

 Becoming a Health professional Essay

Kenisha Patterson

Ms. Pucker

Eng 200


Becoming a LPN

As a child I wanted to be a nurse. The reason behind me often wanting to get a nurse is basically because I like supporting others out, especially in their time of will need. When I was in high school I use to help away with my grandmother who had been suffering from dementia. My aunt had custody of the children of both of us. So being in the home with her made me want to help maintain her. Her Adl's of a variety of different things, feeding and help getting her dressed.

After obtaining so much experience with my grandma I decided just after my mature year in high school that I would become a nursing jobs assistant. We worked as being a nursing associate for on the lookout for years ahead of I received my LPN certificate. To become nursing helper was extremely rewarding. We meet lots of people and attained a lot of strengths. Doing work in the field I have come across a lot of unwell people with many different stories to share about a single own your life stories.

Not only do I maintain them nevertheless I likewise was a great ear when they needed to vent out about a variety of different matters. I'm so grateful for the experience I received being a nursing assistant. Being a breastfeeding assistant helped broading my horizons. I had formed planned on going back to receive my personal Rn level instead yet becoming a Sensible Nurse was in shorter as well as it would produce pretty respectable income and provide for my own daughter as well.

We went back to school in the fall of 2006 and I acquired accepted to a 15 month LPN system at Dark brown Mackie in Akron Kansas. At the time I was staying in Bedford Ohio which in turn took about 30-40 moments to arrive to school. Over the course of 15months with effort and devotion I graduated from Brown Mackie. We sat to adopt my condition boards in 2008 Might 23 actually passed on the first look at. I have been a nurse for a little above 5years now.

I love being a nurse working with persons and aiding others away at the end of the day it can one of the best emotions in the world....

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