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1) Mg2+ Has twelve electrons.

2) Co2 -14 will not be effective at dating bones that are countless years old. Carbon -14 is beneficial at online dating to a maximum of 40 500 to 40 000 years old. The isotope decays over time and will not be present on bones which can be millions of years old. 3) Hydrolysis - Water used to break down molecules. Hydro means normal water and lysis means to break down. An example of hydrolysis in action within our bodies is usually how our system breaks down proteins into proteins. Water is utilized to break proteins down in its proteins.

Condensation- Condensation is when two molecules combine and kind one greater molecule. It can be exact opposite process of hydrolysis. It is also called dehydration activity because drinking water is taken out " dehydrated” in creating of new molecule. This effect happens in our bodies when we contact form muscle tissue.

Oxidization-Reduction (REDOX)- This response describes the process of transfer of electrons from reactant to another. The getting of bad particals is known as reduction and burning off electrons is referred to as oxidization. Most commonly it is referred to as REDOX (REDuction/OXidization). One of these of redox within our physiques is during cellular breathing. Question some is a chemical substance equation symbolizing this process.

Neutralization -- Involves acids and bases and making water and a salt. Acids include Hydrogen Ions and Facets contain Hydroxide Ions. The best example of neutralization in our bodies is definitely the carbonic acid bicarbonate stream. It contains acid solution and base and maintains our bloods Ph level. If each of our blood becomes acidic or perhaps basic this buffer neutralizes conditions.

4) C6H12O6+6O2--> 6CO2+6H2O

a) Carbon atoms in glucose are getting oxidized

b) Oxygen has been reduced

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