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 dementia treatment Essay

Unit 40: Dementia Care

P1: Describe types of dementia and common signs and symptoms. Precisely what is dementia?

Dementia is a common state that affects about 800, 000 persons in the UK. Your risk of producing dementia increases as you get older, and the condition usually occurs in people older than 65. Dementia is a problem associated with a continuing decline with the brain as well as abilities. This includes problems with: storage loss

thinking velocity

mental agility




People with dementia can lose interest in their usual activities, and still have problems controlling their thoughts. They may likewise find interpersonal situations demanding, lose interest in socializing, and aspects of all their personality may change. A person with dementia might lose sympathy (understanding and compassion), they could see or perhaps hear points that other people tend not to (hallucinations), or perhaps they may generate false statements or claims. As dementia affects an individual's mental abilities, they may discover planning and organizing difficult. Being independent may also turn into a problem. A person with dementia is going to therefore usually need help by friends or relatives, which includes help with decision making. Most types of dementia can't be treated, but if it can be detected early on there are ways to slow down and maintain mental function. Dementia is a assortment of symptoms including memory reduction, personality transform, and impaired intellectual capabilities resulting from disease or trauma to the mind. These adjustments are not element of normal maturing and are serious enough to impact everyday living, independence, and relationships. There will likely be noticeable decrease in communication, learning, knowing how, and problem solver. These alterations may occur quickly or perhaps very slowly and gradually over time. Common signs and symptoms of dementia contain:

Memory loss

Disadvantaged judgment

Difficulties with fuzy thinking

Faulty thinking

Improper behaviour

Loss of connection skills

Disorientation to time and...

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