A comparison of Mozart and Haydn

 Comparison of Mozart and Haydn Essay

Devein Moore-Eppinger

Prof. Tony Jones

Music 150-1240

November your five, 2012

Music and Personalities of N. J. Haydn and Watts. A. Mozart

The relationship of Haydn and Mozart is the subject of much comment, most of it because Mozartians usually considered Haydn to be a second-rate composer. Yet contemporary and near-contemporary files and Mozart's own compositions make it clear that Mozart cared for the parent composer wonderful music with loving attention. Their close relationship equally musically and personally makes the Mostly Mozart Festival's: Haydn Week suitable. First, the personalities of Haydn and Mozart. Both the composers below discussion below each made works which might be a cross of other forms and sonata form. Haydn did not create sonata contact form, but having been a master of it. His grasp of form was excellent, as well as, he took a few liberties with his pregnancy of it. Haydn was partial to the bogus recapitulation. A false recapitulation is actually a device which you can use near the end of the advancement section of a sonata type movement. Besides a false recapitulation, Haydn was fond of amazing the listener with many unpredicted turns and twists. Sudden key alterations, unexpected changes of rhythm or a harmonious relationship, a phrase that leads in to something completely different than what can be expected. Mozart is a conundrum in that he was more traditional and adopted the " rules” considerably more than Haydn, yet his music is definitely incomparable. Haydn was greatly given to astonishing, and even stunning the listener, yet Mozart rarely would this. His music is somewhat more regular and well socialized. Yet within the confines of the restrictions he seemingly imposed in himself, Mozart left all of us many incomparable masterpieces. In opera Mozart was unparalleled. Haydn openly admitted that Mozart's plays were far greater than his own. The classical entente being therefore close in fashion to the traditional opera, composers who were successful in one had been...

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