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4. two Warning: Alcoholic beverages is a Hazardous Chemical

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Note choosing is important just for this lesson.

Read the questions on the left side in the page very carefully and then record meaningful information and ideas in the main much larger, right-hand column. Be sure to examine each stated web site very carefully. Your evaluation will come straight from the notes. This method for carrying notes is known as " Cornell Note Taking. ”

Questions/Main Ideas: Notes_____________________________________________

Select: Just what Drink?

1 . What is the meaning of a standard drink to get beer, wines and unadulterated spirits?

installment payments on your How does the quantity of alcohol within a malt liquor compare to various other brewed refreshments?

3. So why can't you group all 12 ounce beers because having the same alcohol content material just as you will with one particular 12 ounces wine cooler?

Select: Drinking and Driving

1 ) Analyze the promising although inadequately examined measures that can be used to reduce having and driving a car. Please anticipate the 3 that you think could be the most beneficial.

installment payments on your Identify two ways that you are able to help in the work of minimizing drinking and driving.

a few. Explain BAC and describe its importance in deciding DUI or DWI.

Choose: Effects figure

1 . List five (5) effects alcohol has on the human body's central nervous system.

installment payments on your Contrast a proper liver recover of a liver organ affected by drinking. Include a minimum of 4 details in your note-taking column.

several. Imagine you are a medical professional. A 40- year-old individual comes to you going on about her well being. During your appointment, you find out this wounderful woman has consumed a 12-pack of beer every night for the past 17 years. Guess the condition of her body, ensuring to include the consequence of alcohol on her brain, intestinal tract, liver and bones.

four. List for least three...

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