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Attained Immune Insufficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is recognized as the final stage of a virus-like infection brought on by Human Immune-deficiency Virus (HIV); therefore AIDS is indicative of an root cellular defense deficiency (Birchall & Murphy, 1992). It absolutely was first diagnosed among homosexuals and drug users in america in 1981. Since then the disease has now pass on to all the corners of the world. Two strains of HIV are recognized by medical professionals: HIV -1 (discovered in 1983) and HIV-2 (discovered in 1986). HIV-1 is mostly accepted while the cause of many AIDS situations throughout the world while HIV-2 was initially discovered in Western world Africa and later in some Portuguese colonies and Europe and account for chlamydia in Western Africa. Three modes of transmission are usually identified: sex, blood get in touch with and mother-to-child. Sexual transmitting could happen from heterosexual (man-to-woman or perhaps woman-to-man) and homosexual (man-to-man) relationships. Subsequently having vulnerable, unguarded, isolated, exposed, unshielded, at risk sex (vaginal, anal or oral) with an infected person could result in exchange of body essential fluids. Concurrent multiple sex lovers, low level man circumcision and inconsistent and incorrect condom use have been identified as the predominant risk factors which have made escalation of HIV infections in Africa difficult to stem (SAD C, 2006; Halperin & Epstein, 2007)

The progression by infection with HIV to AIDS will take approximately 10 years, although medication intervention (antiretroviral) that is aimed at blocking the progression of HIV to AIDS has become successful in slowing down the progression and ultimately extending the life of infected people (Zopola, ain al., 2010). However , when AIDS can be diagnosed a person generally dies in a year or two thereafter. Infants generally die quicker. (Adetunji, 2000).

SUPPORTS has gone quite a distance since it was discovered, amongst gays, in 1981 and reached endemic level in the USA and still remains to be pandemic in Africa, Asia and Latin America (UNAIDS, 2000).

For many years, sexually sent diseases continued to be as a debatable issue that concerns about the health. Each day, thousands of people become infected with HIV or perhaps AIDS, and because the cure against STDs continues to be unknown, a large number of among of which suffer from these types of diseases and a few dies within years. Most people think that STDs are the common HIV and AIDS just. They are ignorant that there are different categories of diseases that the person might acquire by having unhealthy and unethical intimate relationships. Some of Sexually transmitted diseases can be trigger by viruses and bacteria; some may be cured simply by medication such as antibiotics and become prevented by managing a healthy way of life. STDs will be continuously dispersing because many people lack enough knowledge about these kinds of diseases. More young people are actually acquiring Sexually transmitted diseases because of their staying liberated and open about sex and being exciting on their fetishes such as oral or even anal sex although some people are worried to have unsafe or unguaranteed sex because of their fear of purchasing these conditions that at the moment is not curable. Such conditions continue to propagate because of the lack of or poor knowledge about the STDs people people. AFFIRMATION OF THE ISSUE

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2 . a couple of Pre-marital sexual experience

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2 . four Use of contraceptives


This study will certainly benefit this:

To the father and mother. The parents may well benefit if it is aware of several sexually sent diseases that a person might acquire and stay more receptive and liable parents with their children. This study can help them to appreciate their children better specially all those children who also are still in adolescence level. This will cause them to become aware that they need to establish a communication with the...

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