An Research of The Issue of the Philosopher and the town by Socrates

An Examination of The Issue of the Philosopher and the town by Socrates

The Issue of the Philosopher and the town In the 3rd wave in Reserve V of the Republic, Socrates proposes his notion of the philosopher-king (473d). The philosopher, Socrates statements, is superior to other people in any respect, and therefore he ought to be king. Notwithstanding his superiority, the philosopher will not need to deviate from philosophy and become the ruler. The citizens as well rebel against the guideline of the philosopher, because they can not appreciate the virtue of philosophy. Hence philosopher can't be the ruler in virtually any existing city. Moreover, philosophy is additional of a danger to the imperfect town in which the philosopher isn't the king, specifically, all existing cities. It could be abused and bring about evil. And philosophy itself usually goes against the imperfect regime, for this strives after justice. Philosophy and the city need the other person together with conflict with one another. Because on the main one hand, the citizens usually do not appreciate the superiority of philosophy, and alternatively, the philosopher in the imperfect city may do injury to the regime, the true city cannot accommodate the philosopher.

The philosopher, and simply the philosopher, is certified to end up being the king for three reasons: he's the most just gentleman, he can easily see the underlying truth of the town and he requires nothing at all from the town. As defined in Book IV, justice of a metropolis is when the various other three virtues, wisdom, courage and moderation, will be in the proper place, which is to state, people that have wisdom rule and others obey. Analogically, justice of a man is usually that the wisdom within him guidelines. The philosopher, as "good friends and kinsman of real truth, justice, courage,


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  • An Research of The Issue of the Philosopher and the town by Socrates
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