A Comprehensive Comparison Examination of family members Devices

A Comprehensive Comparison Evaluation of family members Devices

SWOT Analysis

Strengths§ Complete product line§ Good status§ Customer loyalty § Employees’ creativity§ Top quality products§ Excellent post-sale solutions§ Experienced management workforce Weaknesses§ Unfamiliarity with foreign markets§ Insufficient exporting experience § Insufficient foreign trained employees§ Small market talk about in the U.S.

Opportunities§ International Growth § Innovative R&D § Penetrating unsaturated market segments of Japan, Canada, and Mexico§ Developing online interactions with clients in Japan, Canada, and Mexico Threats§ Other major businesses being price leaders§ ?

Business and Corporate Strategy

§ Business Strategy: Differentiation. Niching technique. – Because we are competing with other key corporations, whose sales remain 100 billion dollars. Because of the big proportions of industry share in those courtiers, we need to adopt the “niche” technique to penetrate the market.

§ Corporate Strategy:

Marketing Mix

§ Product – Star Appliances produces three distinct lines of household kitchen appliances. We are likely to promote our three categories of the merchandise, which happen to be washer, dryer, and vacuum, in Japan, Canada and Mexico. We choose eight types of items from those three categories to enter the international markets first. Developing our products in Iowa and Texas, Celebrity Appliance, Inc. will assure the quality of the merchandise. Total output will rely upon production capacity, demand forecast, quarterly financial setting up and other related price. [Waranty]

§ Price – In Japan, persons don’t have confidence in low prices. Japanese people


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