A Background of the Frances Responsibility for the Rwandan Genocide

A Background of the France's Responsibility for the Rwandan Genocide

"Without Africa, France could have no background in the 21st century."

(Fran ois Mitterand)

I was disturbed by the writings and discussions regarding where that blame was to be put into the Rwandan genocide, closing in a million Rwandans dead. Although a sole product cannot have the burden of most those victims, I find it unacceptable to say that such a gruesome fact can be justified just how Bruno Delaye, chief adviser on Africa for French President Fran ois Mitterand, insisted when he described, "Africans were that way."

Regardless of 1 s personal view if intercontinental communities involvement in other countries conflicts is proper or wrong, we should recognize the action that was used and the intervention that performed take place. However elementary that might seem, I think regarding France in the Rwandan genocide, their actions is protected up by their non-action. Despite African countries forty years of independence from their French colonizers, France remains to wield significant political control in lots of of its past colonies. I am going to argue France s continued curiosity in Francophone Africa is because of not merely their economic investments but also as a result of their desire to nurture and expand the French traditions, enabling France to lay claim a more substantial stake in the international scene. Moreover, I am going to argue such their selfish quest for prestige and rayonnement (glory), contributed indirectly to a large number of murdered in the1994 Rwandan genocide. Although I am not asserting the desire of France to restore French Honor is responsible for each gruesome take action in Rwanda, I think it is necessary to look more closely at the


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